Bored online? What you need is a banana and a slug

Or more accurately a search engine (although it’s really a discovery engine). It’s powered using a Google Custom Search and works by allowing users to add a random word to their search term based on a topic of their choice. Simply:

1. Enter your search term in the window
2. Select a category for your random word
3. That’s it!

The categories are somewhat random (as you’d hope from such a site I expect) including Shakespearean themes, first and last names, great ideas and the major arcana and suits of the Tarot (?!). From these you’ll be given a random search term which you have no control over.

I had a go with the gentleman of the day Barack Obama and tried a few categories:

  • “Barack Obama” and Great Ideas gave me “Education” as my random term and gave me SERPs about the President’s education, his policies on education and the like.
  • “Barack Obama” and Tarot Arcana and Suits gave me “Chariots” as my random term and gave me a whole host of Obama related horseless chariot metaphors.

It’s a great idea and a good way of discovering some of the weird and wonderful things on the web that you just wouldn’t find using conventional search engines.


What do you think?

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