New search engine for golden oldies

Mabel's a bit of a super lady

Another day, another niche search engine. This time, from our very shores it would seem. The market: over 50s. The search engine AskMabel (presumably AskJeeves grandma? Or maybe mother, his age is somewhat ambiguous)

This search engine deliberately filters results to cater for the more silvery surfer.Presumably it ranks results with  keywords associated with the more mature user higher than others.

Having a quick go by searching for ‘London transport’ it does appear to work quite well. Transport for London appears top as one would expect but then it presents results on disabled access and travel costs for older travellers. It also offers search facets such as ‘health’, ‘finance’, ‘retirement’ and leisure.

The ultimate test of course is whether I could see my mum using this and the answer is ‘yes’! I could!

Nice work Mabel!

via New Search Engine Launches This Month Designed For Older Internet Users – Yahoo! News.


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