Why Amazon’s a bit of a jungle when it comes to browsing

canoe river jungle

I now use a canoe to shop on Amazon…but it’s not convenient

I got a Kindle a few months back. It’s pretty good even though I have to wrestle with the moral conflicts of fueling the Amazon Empire which some commentators than me are ceasing to do.

I got one mainly because I have a quite hideous 1 hour 40 minute commute which involves sitting on a very old, very slow train for most of that time. Having a collection of books, magazines, blog posts and journal articles at my finger tips is therefore a godsend.

Choosing what to read via Amazon however is proving a difficult and frustrating process. Previously upon browsing for a non-specific book I’d generally visit a bookshop or a library and have a mooch. In fact it’s one of my favourite pastimes. Browsing say detective fiction in a bookshop is pretty easy to do you just look at the sides of books and make an informed decision.

Not so easy when browsing Amazon’s site. Even with it’s category breakdowns you can be slowly trudging through page after page of millions of books at a time. It’s fine if you’re looking specifically for something but browsing is difficult.

I am increasingly reliant on Amazon’s recommendations which whilst pretty accurate do rather reinforce what I’ve already read and remove that joy of finding something totally new or rare in a bookshop.


What do you think?

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