Try DuckDuckGo: the friendly search engine

Image representing Duck Duck Go as depicted in...

Image via CrunchBase

Fed up of Google constantly adding things, trying to sell you things based on your private data or being evil in general?

Don’t want to try Bing because let’s be honest Microsoft aren’t exactly angels themselves.

Don’t want to try Yahoo because it’s Bing with a different dress on…

Try DuckDuckGo then! It’s very simple (a bit like Google was 10 years ago), produces relevant search results, has little to no advertising, doesn’t collect private data, provides instant answers and is easy to plug-in to Firefox.

  1. Let’s just hope Duck Duck Go stays it’s current course and doesn’t grow like like Google did.

    • Zaddyman said:

      Agreed! Although sticking to your principles seems to be a difficult thing in the web world!

  2. Looks very promising. I tried searching a particular query I’ve been searching on google for some time and it worked out better than google. Nice!

    • Zaddyman said:

      I’ve managed to use it pretty much exclusively for the past few weeks, only occasionally retreating to Google or Bing. Up the duck!

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